There is something truly amazing about the first flowers of spring. The way that they push up through the snow, saying "it is time for a change".  Around my house it is normally the Daffodils that are showing their bright yellow flowers first.

Another great thing about spring is watching a bunch of new construction start. It is such a hopeful act to watch the footings get laid and and begin the process of a new building. I will never cease to be amazed when I am walking around a new site and the trades are stubing up into "walls" that won't be coming for months. But in general when the time comes to place the walls "viola" they are in the correct place. This is just as amazing as the Daffodil knowing that spring is coming and that it is time to grow while the snow is still laying on the flower garden.

We at di'velept feel this way every spring, but especially this spring. We are still fairly new to this endeavor and are grateful for the reminder that the world around us is ready to grow. We are doing our best to become more social and to help do our part to raise the awareness of good design in our communities.