Who can afford an architect?

At di'velept we think about this question a lot. Is good design only for the rich?

I spent a few years doing school design and really loved the fact that the people who got to use the space were of such a wide background. Then at one point I worked for a firm that was doing high end custom residential work. It was fun to design without budget being the primary driving force, but ... then there was that one project. The client was textbook perfect. They were into the arts, well traveled, had a great site, wanted a beautiful project, everything was just right. However, there was one thing that kept nagging at me. We were designing one of their many houses, one which they freely admitted was only going to be used a dozen or so days a year. I in no way fault the client, but this became a turning point in my career.

I want to be able to help bring quality design to a wider demographic.

So when I started di'velept it was a priority to ensure that we can be a part of projects for people without such a large budget. We are constantly looking into systems and methods that can make us more efficient. This allows us to be able to work on projects that have more modest budgets.

One of our favorite tricks has been to work with real estate investors. As a general rule they know what the finished product need to look like. Getting this defined is one of the areas that can take a lot of time and money in custom design. We come in and help decide how to make the plan of the home operate more efficiently and make sure that building codes are met. Then all it takes is a simple set of drawings to make sure the city and contractors can understand what is happening. This allows us to help make great projects and keep fees reasonable.

At di'velept we have also got a few other strategies in the works to try and allow us to connect with anyone who is considering building their own house. There are not enough details to release yet, but keep checking back as we continue on our mission of bring good design to more people. Or sign up for our mailing list and never miss a thing.