some sites are more difficult than others...

This site is one of the most difficult design challenges we have faced. It is less than an acre and there is a 45 foot elevation change from one side of the site to the other and the city had a number of zoning restrictions. In the end we broke out our tetris skills to fit over 80k square feet of building and 650 units within the boundaries and site constraints. 

When this project was going before the zoning board we put together a little presentation to help explain why it was impossible for us to meet the letter of the zoning code. The board loved the presentation and accepted the variances to the code.  Check out a video of that presentation and the slides within the gallery above.

Ultimately our client determined that the cost of building on such a challenging site was not going to work for them and the project was cancelled before construction began. It was a fun challenge to work through the site conditions and we are left with some nice renderings of what could have been.